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Top Dressing Tonne Bag
Price Per Tonne Bag £64.99
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Quantity: 1 x 1000kg (1 Tonne) Bag.

Size: 1000kg of top dressing soil will usually cover about 15m² (15m x 1m) at a depth of about 5cm.

Consists Of: Top Dressing is produced by a fine sand.

Usage: Top dressing soil is a fantastic way to strengthen your soil over a period of time. Top soil is also an excellent way to smooth out any lumps and bumps in your garden, it is also of great benefit to your lawn as our soil stimulates growth.

Topsoil Suppliers Warrington and the Surrounding Area

Is your lawn looking lifeless?

At Greenvale Products, we’re leading suppliers of topsoil and all things gardening, guaranteed to get your lawn looking luscious in no time.

Topsoil is an important layer in which plants lay their roots and obtain many of their nutrients; so it’s vitally important to get your choice of topsoil correct. Once you’ve found your right topsoil, we also stock a wide range of turf for you to complete your garden with style.

The first topsoil for sale in Warrington we stock is Pre Turfing Soil, which is a blend of sand and compost to create a fertile mix. Pre turfing soil should be used to create a perfect finish through a range of raking and screeding.

Before laying turf, the area must be level and free of debris for your turf to thrive naturally. Topsoil is jam packed with nutrients to give you turf the best chance of growing and thriving, even if your soil is compacted or sandy.

If you want to be the envy of all your neighbours, order pre-turfing soil in Warrington today. We can deliver to your door for just £14.99, and it doesn’t matter how much or little you order. With the addition of pre-turfing soil, your lawn will soon be vibrant and lush, ideal for sitting and relaxing during warm summer days.

Look no further than Greenvale Products for pre-turfing soil for sale in the North West.

Another Greenvale topsoil solution is border soil - which is a mix of 50% organic compost and 50% loamy soil. Ideal for use on borders and planting as well as presenting an ideal growing environment for flower beds and vegetable patches.

If you need border soil for sale in Warrington, we have a range of border soil in a range of sizes. From small 25kg bags of border soil to ten tonne bulk orders, you won’t be disappointed by the flexibility of Greenvale Products.

Border soil is fertile, clean and easy to work with, ideal for everyone from beginners to expert gardeners. The PH level of border soil is efficient for even the most sensitive flowers, so your garden will only be effected positively by our high quality border soil in Warrington.

Using a pre mixed border soil saves you time mixing your own, already containing the exact ratio of soil to organic matter. If you need border soil delivered in Warrington or anywhere else around the North West or Merseyside, our dedicated delivery team can get your border soil direct to your door for just £14.99.

So if you’re looking to make your amateur garden look impeccably professional, keep Greenvale Products in mind for all things topsoil, including border soil for sale in Warrington.

Top dressing is another topsoil option ideal for adding extra nutrients to your garden soil - Unlike border soil and pre turfing soil, top dressing is sprinkled onto already laid lawns annually to upkeep the quality of lawn and turf. If you’re in search of top dressing soil in Warrington, Greenvale can help you…

Autumn is the best time to lay top dressing, as it gives it time to infiltrate the grass to reach the underlying soil. The process is typically carried out annually to upkeep the quality of the soil, resulting in thicker, healthier grass without the threat of weeds.

If top dressing soil for sale in Warrington sounds good to you, we offer small 25kg bags for small projects up to 10 tonne bulk orders for massive garden renovations and industrial scale jobs. If you can’t make it to our site to our site to pick up your products, we can deliver direct to your door for just £14.99, regardless of how big your order is.

No matter which topsoil you go for, we can guarantee you’ll end up with a luxury luscious lawn that will be at the envy of your neighbourhood. For all things topsoil in Warrington and the North West, keep Greenvale Products in mind...

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