Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag

Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag
Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag
Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag
Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag
Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag

Concreting Ballast Tonne Bag

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Quantity: 1 x 1000kg (1 Tonne) Bag.

Coverage: 1000kg of concreting ballast will usually cover about 15m² (15m x 1m) at a depth of about 5cm.

Consists Of: Ballast mix is a mixture of sand, gravel and small pebbles.

Usage: Strong enough to use for conservatory bases, fence posts and paving our concreting ballast is ready made just add cement to make it easier for you! In addition, concreting ballast can be used for garden walls, hard landscaping, paths and footing for a house.

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Concreting Ballast

Greenvale stocks aggregate-related building supplies, in addition to a range of gardening products. Concreting ballast is a top quality ballast ready for use when you need to make concrete.

What is Concreting Ballast?

Concreting Ballast is a mixture of gravel, small pebbles, and sand which is added to cement to produce concrete. There are several different types of cement. By itself cement is not strong enough for most purposes; it is a binder and must be mixed with an aggregate mixture to produce strong concrete.

Concrete technology has been known from ancient times. The Romans used cement in many applications, including the huge dome of the Pantheon. This marvel of ancient engineering began life as Roman temple around 126 A.D. and has been used as a church since the seventh century. Today, the concrete dome continues to amaze visitors.

While you wonât be undertaking a huge project like the Pantheon, you can rest assured knowing that our Concreting Ballast is strong and suitable for projects such as paving, conservatory bases, and securing fence posts. You can also use it for paths, and hard landscaping such as fountains and garden walls. This Ballast mixture is the main ingredient used in the construction and industrial sectors.

Concreting Ballast is ready to use; the perfect proportions of sand, gravel, and pebbles have already been mixed for you. You just need to add water and cement.

Tips on Mixing Concrete

The amount of cement and water used with Concreting Ballast depends on the strength you need to final product to be. Too much water will make the mixture too thin, while too little while inhibit it from being properly poured.

As a general rule high strength concrete for use as building slabs and ponds, requires 5 parts of ballast to 1 part of cement. General use concrete requires 6 parts of ballast to 1 part cement, while concrete for foundations requires 8 parts ballast to 1 part cement.

Concrete needs at least a five day curing time; during this time it must be kept moist to prevent cracks.

Plan to pour your concrete during moderate weather. Extremes of heat or cold can adversely affect the proper curing of concrete, causing it to be weak and brittle. The temperature of new concrete should be at 10° C (50°F) or above during the curing period.

If you have any questions about how to use Concreting Ballast our experts will be happy to help you. Concreting Ballast is sold in tonne bags, large bags (25 KG) and in bulk.

  • Aggregate type:
    Concreting Ballast
  • Bag size:
    Tonne Bag
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