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Turf and Topsoil suppliers Lancashire

Does your garden need new life breathing into it? Are you interested in giving your outdoor area a makeover, or an attractive touch? Greenvale is the perfect place to be! Providing a huge range of garden products across the nation – including free turf delivery in Lancashire – and supplying goods at the best possible price, it's our constant mission to continue improving the standards of our products.

High quality top soil.

Our selection of turf available for free turf delivery in Lancashire includes ruby and emerald turf. While the colour of the grass varies slightly, the difference between these two turfs is slight. Both are of the highest standard of quality and are weed-free, requiring low maintenance and retaining their colour all year round. To get the best results from your turf, we recommend purchasing pre-turf soil or fertiliser, to provide the turf with all the nutrients it needs to get off to a good start. We also stock border soil which provides the perfect environment for even the most delicate of plants, while retaining a steady pH balance for a long period of time.

Gravel and bark are modern and attractive

For more colourful and modern decoration, you could opt for gravel, bark or slate. Low maintenance, stylish and attractive, these materials are still suitable for plants and look wonderful in any setting. The various colours of gravel, bark and slate mean that any taste and preference is easily catered for. Bark has the advantages of inhibiting weed growth and retaining moisture in the soil underneath, providing plants with plenty of nutrients. We also supply bark designed specifically for play areas and recreation grounds. We also stock a variety of other materials including firewood, coal, sand, aggregates and rock salt. For all your garden and landscape supplies, trust Greenvale for quality, commitment and great value. Don't forget to take advantage of our free turf delivery in Lancashire!