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MOT Tonne Bag

MOT Tonne Bag

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Quantity: 1 x 1000kg (1 Tonne) Bag.

Coverage: 1000kg of MOT will usually cover about 15m² (15m x 1m) at a depth of about 5cm.

Consists Of: MOT is a form of crushed concrete and is a mixture of hard stone and sand with other inert materials like limestone, granite and gritstone. MOT is created from Rocks, brick and Concrete.

Usage: Adding to your car park, covering a large area or for providing a strong foundation to lay a patio or paving.

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Greenvale is well-known as a supplier of natural gardening materials, but we supply sustainable construction supplies as well. Our MOT is composed of recycled concrete and hardcore, providing a durable base for foundations, car parks, and driveways.

What is MOT?

MOT is crushed concrete and hardcore (such as brick) which has been reclaimed from previous uses. Concrete and hardcore materials which would have otherwise taken up space in a landfill are crushed and graded for reuse. Since concrete is always mixed with various aggregates for strength and durability, MOT consists of stone, hard stone, granite, gritstone, and limestone. Greenvaleâs MOT ranges from 40mm to fine powder assuring that it will completely fill the space in which it is used.

The Ideal Sub-base

MOT is ideal for certified projects. This strong, durable material makes the perfect sub-base for driveways and roads. All roads require a sub-base. Your driveway will require a sub-base if you are using flexible block paving or tarmac. Gravel drives also fare better with the use of a sub-base. If you are constructing a foot pathway with flexible block paving a sub-base is a must as well.

A sub-base prevents settlement and channelisation of driveways and roads. Without a sub-base a driveway can develop two âchannels❠formed by the frequent rolling of a vehicleâs wheels over the same area. A sub-base distributes the point load over a large area, preventing this occurrence. Sub-bases can be composed of either bound materials (aggregates with binder substance) or unbound materials such as MOT. Particles of unbound sub-base material, such as MOT, interlock, providing a supportive base for the top layer of material and enabling it to withstand traffic.

Even a relatively thin sub-base of 100mm can provide extra support for a driveway and prevent it from sagging and developing ruts. The thickness of your sub-base will depend on the use the area will be put to as well the condition of the ground under the sub-base. High traffic areas require a150 mm deep sub-base.

MOT also makes an excellent leveling material under flagstone patios and other areas which require leveling before being paved.

Greenvaleâs MOT is available in tonne (1000 kg) bags and in bulk. To estimate how much MOT you will need for your project, use our handy calculator on the right of your screen.

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