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Turf and Topsoil suppliers Liverpool

Greenvale are based in the Northwest and provide free turf delivery in Liverpool, as well as across the nation. We are committed to providing top quality products for landscaping, whether it's for your garden, a park or a leisure facility. A family owned company; we take pride in our products and services, and endeavour to supply you with the best products at the best prices possible. Decorating your outdoor area can be a daunting task. We have a huge range of products including gravel, turf and bark mulch in the North West which are all useful for different aspects of landscaping.

Practical, decorative top soil, gravel and bark products for outdoor landscaping

Our gravel, slate and bark mulch in the North West are ideal for adding that decorative touch and are a fabulous alternative to soil. Bark is great for borders and retains moisture in the soil underneath in addition to inhibiting weed growth. We also stock bark for recreational play areas and parks. Many people are turning to gravel and slate over soil nowadays. Easier to maintain, attractive all year round and available in different colours, it's understandable that these two materials are a fantastic and modern alternative to soil! We provide both emerald and ruby turf; the difference is slight besides the colour, which varies. Our high quality turf is slow growing and weed-free, making it incredibly easy to maintain. Turf is ideal for lawns, parks and leisure facilities such as golf courses and football pitches, offering a smooth, even surface on which to play, walk or run. We also offer pre-turfing fertiliser and soil, so your turf can get off to an excellent start.

Free turf delivery across Liverpool and the UK!

Good quality soil is essential for prolonging the lives of your plants and allowing them to flower and grow to their full potential. Our border soil is gentle enough for even the most delicate of plants but strong enough to maintain a good pH balance and to remain so for a long period of time. Here at Greenvale, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and service. By offering free turf delivery in Liverpool and across the UK, we hope to ease the burden of the cost of landscaping. Please take a look around our site and gain inspiration for your outdoor decoration!