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Pre Turfing Soil Tonne Bag

Pre-Turfing Topsoil Eccles | Soil for Sale | Lancashire | Preston
Pre-Turfing Topsoil Eccles | Soil for Sale | Lancashire | Preston
Pre-Turfing Topsoil Eccles | Soil for Sale | Lancashire | Preston
Pre-Turfing Topsoil Eccles | Soil for Sale | Lancashire | Preston
Pre-Turfing Topsoil Eccles | Soil for Sale | Lancashire | Preston

Pre Turfing Soil Tonne Bag

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Quantity: 1 x 1000kg (1 Tonne) Bag.

Size: 1000kg of pre turfing soil will usually cover about 15m² (15m x 1m) at a depth of about 5cm.

Pre-turfing soil a blend of sand to create a friable fertile mix. Ideal for raking and screeding to create a perfect level finish.

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Are You Interested In Our Pre-Turfing Topsoil In Eccles?

We at Greenvale supply top soil for sale Bolton and beyond. Before you install a new lawn, the ground should be carefully prepared. The area must be level and free of debris and the soil must be suitable for growing grass. We supply pre-turfing topsoil to Eccles & across Lancashire wide that is a convenient solution when you need to prepare an area for new turf. Friable soil loaded with nutrients will give your new turf the best chance to thrive and become well-established. Soils vary greatly depending upon where you live. Some areas have naturally friable, nutrient-loaded loam which is good for grasses and most other plants, while other areas have harder, less-rich soil. If your soil is compacted, sandy, or clay, gardening experts recommend adding both soil amendments and fertilizer before installing new turf.

If you are new to gardening this may seem very confusing and even long time gardeners may be confused over the exact proportions of soil amendments and fertilizer that should be added. By using our pre-turfing topsoil in Eccles or anywhere else in Lancashire, you can avoid confusion. The folks at Greenvale have thought of everything and prepared a soil that will help your new turf grow into a lush green carpet, admired by all your neighbors. We stock and supply a variety of topsoil in Eccles and across the North West, as well as plum slate Blackburn wide with delivery services available across Lancashire and the whole of the North West, so get in touch today. 


What is Pre-turfing Soil?

Greenvale’s North West based delivery service of pre-turfing topsoil in Eccles for example amongst other types of soil for sale is a perfect solution to when you need to quickly and easily prepare an area for new turf. 

Full of the nutrients and trace elements new lawns need to get started, this mixture can be purchased by the tonne bag, in bulk, and in large bags (25KG).

Screened to 15mm ideal for pre-turfing and leveling.

Tips for Installation

Before applying the mixture remove any grass and weeds from the area and make it level. If you have an existing lawn and want to replace the grass, using a rented turf cutter is highly recommended. Turf cutters make the job much easier.

When your area is level and debris-free, spread out the pre-turfing topsoil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. You might be able to get by with 3 inches, but deeper is better if your budget permits. A wide rake or wide hoe is an excellent hand tool for this job.

Now, you are ready to lay the turf. Rolled turf is easy to install; you will find it less time consuming to put in place than sod squares. See our descriptions of Emerald Turf and Ruby Turf for more information on calculating how much turf you need and how to install it.

Once your turf is installed, give it a good soaking. Until the grass roots are well established, you should water new turf every day, unless you have rain. Early morning and early evening hours are the best time to water. Avoid watering in the heat of the day.

Soil For Sale Preston 

We at Greenvale supply top soil for sale Bolton and beyond. Our soil for sale Preston wide is available in different weights such as tonne bags across Lancashire and the whole North West. We also deliver our products regardless of weight so 25kg bags up to a tonne bag from Bolton to Blackburn and beyond. If you're looking for top quality soil for sale Preston wide in across Lancashire from Bolton to Blackburn, look no further than Greenvale. As well as topsoil, we also supply plum slate Blackburn wide which can act as a perfect replacement to topsoil. For more information regarding the delivery of our products across the North West such as our pre-turfing topsoil in Eccles for example, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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    Pre Turfing Soil
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    Tonne Bag
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