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Turf and Topsoil suppliers Preston

Greenvale are a nationwide supplier of a huge range of garden products including topsoil Warrington, turf in Preston and more. If you want to improve the look of your outdoor area or just fancy decorating your garden, we are the only supplier you need for free turf delivery in Preston and across the UK, in addition to a huge range of other products which also include free delivery. As turf suppliers, we are confident that we have the turf to completely suit your needs. All of our turf is of the highest quality and retains its colour all year round, so your garden will always look stunning. Easy to maintain and slow growing, our turf remains weed free, saving you the chore of weeding!

Our selection of gravel, top soil and bark are perfect for decorating your garden

To ensure you get the best from your turf, we recommend our turf fertiliser or pre-turf soil; so that when the turf is laid it has access to a source of nutrients which will give it a great start. Our pre-turfing soil has the added benefit of forming a smooth and even layer for the turf to lie on, eliminating any unsightly lumps. We also provide border soil which provides a perfect environment for even the most fragile of plants. Lump-free and consisting of organic compost, our border soil is perfect for gardens with flowers that need a specific pH balance in which to thrive. A fabulous and stylish alternative to soil, slate and gravel both look stunning while still being suitable to grow plants. Low maintenance and available in various colours, gravel and slate are ideal for those that want to avoid the mess of soil yet still want a garden of sorts. We deliver our fantsatic topsoil Warrington wide to all areas of the North West and beyond. 

Free turf delivery in Preston and the UK – only from Greenvale

Bark is another decorative alternative to soil, though bark is beneficial for plants in the fact that it inhibits weed growth and preserves moisture in the soil underneath. We also stock a number of other practical products including firewood and coal, aggregates, sand and rock salt. When it comes to garden products, Greenvale are the only online store you need for free turf delivery in Preston and free delivery on many more products including our topsoil Warrington.