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Our range of Ruby Turf products supplied across Lancashire...

Ruby Turf
Price Per Roll (1sqm) £3.20
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Quantity: 1 Ruby turf roll

Size: 1 Sq mtr rolls (8ft x 16inch approx)

Minimum Order: 1 Rolls

Consists Of: Chewings fescue, strong and slender creeping fescue.

Usage: Our ruby turf is used for all types of lawns it's not only decorative and stunning to look at but it’s also hardwearing which means it’s great if you’ve got kids or pets playing on your lawn.

Ruby Turf Lancashire

Beautiful Ruby Turf is ideal when you want your lawn and landscaping to stand out from the crowd. This fine fescue blend turf keeps its colour year around and is perfect for shady yards.

As leading turf suppliers Stockport wide, Greenvale's Ruby Turf is guaranteed weed free. It is durable for foot traffic and is often used on golf courses, especially in the UK. Its evergreen property makes it one of Greendale's most popular turfs. Ruby Turf is sold in rolls, making it easy to install. Each roll covers one square meter and is about 8 feet long by 16 inches wide.

As well as Ruby turf, we also stock and supply the fantastic Emerald turf Huddersfield wide.

What is Ruby Turf?

Ruby Turf is a blend Chewings fescue, strong creeping fescue, and slender creeping fescue which give it a fine texture, perfect for showcase lawns. Fescue grasses are evergreen, tufted perennial grasses. They are often preferred for landscaping because of their shade tolerance. They will stay green year around with proper watering and for this reason many people prefer them over the St. Augustine or Bermuda grasses, common in yards in the United States. Their texture is soft and invites you to sit in the grass and relax.

Ruby Turf is very shade tolerant, and relatively drought tolerant. It is excellent for cooler climes.

Tips for Installation

Ideally, any turf should be installed in the cooler months. This lessens the need for watering and gives the grasses a better chance to establish their roots before drier, hotter weather sets in. To avoid drying out, Turf should be installed quickly once it arrives at your home. Before ordering turf, you should prepare your area, making it level and free of stones or weeds. Many experts recommend spreading a pre-turfing fertilizer on the area before putting down the turf.

Calculate the number of rolls you need by multiplying the width and of the area, using meters to find the number of square meters. Order one roll of turf per square meter.

When the turf arrives it should be installed within one day. If the weather is dry, water the pallets down.

Start laying the turf at a straight, long edge of the area. Carefully roll out the first turf; don't stretch it. Abut the edge of the next turf roll at the bottom of the first and roll it into place. The strips should meet, but not overlap. Tamp the down the rolls with a roller or other tool so that the turf makes excellent contact with soil.

Abut the roll for the next row against the first roll, taking care not overlap. If you want a striped appearance, you can roll out each row in alternating directions.

Unless, the weather is rainy, water your turf daily until it is well established, growing and showing signs of putting down roots. Ruby Turf needs regular watering to keep its evergreen colour.

Turf Suppliers Lancaster

As leading turf suppliers Lancaster wide, we offer a fantastic delivery service of Ruby and Emerald turf in Huddersfield and across the whole of the North West, from Lancaster to Warrington, Stockport and beyond. As well as turf, we also stock and supply cheap compost Lancaster wide for all your gardening needs. So if you're looking for turf suppliers Lancaster wide from Warrington to Stockport or cheap compost in Lancaster, buy online from us today to ensure top quality delivery of top quality products.

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