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Screened Topsoil Bulk Bag

Screened Topsoil Bulk Bag

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Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Cover: A tonne bag of screened topsoil will typically cover 13m² (13m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: Our screened topsoil is a grade 2 gritty soil screened to 12mm.

Usage: Perfect for filling in or using as a sub-base for high quality growing mediums, such as our border soil or compost.

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Our screened top soil has been sifted through a 12mm screen in order to remove large stones, weeds, plant roots and other debris. Some stone and gritty content does remain, helping to promote drainage and aeration, and as this is a fine, friable material it's easy to work with and won't suffer from excessive puddling typical with heavier, clay-based soils. Screened topsoil is an extremely versatile landscaping soil that can be put to a variety of uses, including as fill material or a sub-base for a new lawn, beds and borders. However, to be made suitable as a growing medium it would require the addition of organic matter to increase the nutrient content necessary for plant growth. When used as a lawn sub-base, you can use our screen topsoil to achieve a flat surface before adding a nutrient-rich soil prior to turfing, for example our pre-turfing soil or border soil. Suited to general landscaping applications in both domestic and commercial settings, our screened top soil is frequently used to fill hollows and dips.

Screened topsoil is extremely affordable, with huge savings available when bought in bulk, and can be delivered in bulk bags or as loose loads depending on the volume required and the conditions on site.

Key features:
  • Passed through a 12mm screen to ensure large stones, weeds, plant roots and other large debris has been removed.
  • Ideal as a cheap sub-base for borders and beds before the introduction of nutrient-rich growing medium, such as our border soil.
  • Can be used as a fill material to level out dips and hollows.
  • Use prior to laying turf, albeit this soil would benefit from a final layer of our nutrient-rich pre-turfing soil.
  • Does contain some stone and gritty content to help with drainage - ideal used as a sub-base in gardens where drainage is an issue.
  • Please contact us if 10 or more bulk bags are required.
  • Soil type:
    Screened topsoil
  • Bag size:
    1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag
  • Coverage:
  • Weight:
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