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Top Dressing Soil Lancashire

Do you want a beautiful, lush green lawn that will be the talk of the neighborhood? Gardening experts recommend applying an annual top dressing to keep lawns in peak shape. You can mix your own top dressing of peat, sand and loam, but it is often difficult to get the proportions correct. Fortunately, the folks at Greenvale have solved that problem for you by producing a perfectly blended top dressing which is just right for any yard. Greenvale supply plenty of different topsoil for sale ensuring we have the perfect topsoil for sale for you and your job at hand.

What is a Top Dressing?

As leading suppliers of Topsoil Lytham wide, we are sure to supply all kinds of topsoil for sale, including top dressing soil. A top dressing consists of soil and fertilizer. It is placed on top of your grass and then worked into the ground. Greenvale's Top Dressing is made of blend of fine sand and organic nutrients to give your lawn the annual boost it needs to stay strong and healthy.

The Benefits of Top Dressing

Of course, you can simply add a commercial, chemical fertilizer to your grass on a regular basis, rather than a top dressing, but top dressing has several benefits over this procedure.

Top dressing with organic ingredients is safer than the use of chemical fertilizers and many gardening experts feel it is more effective.

Top dressing allows you to fill in your yard's uneven spots. It helps replace soil lost by erosion. Plus adding new soil to your grass will stimulate its growth. It will produce new shoots, growing lush and thick. For more topsoil for sale, please don't hesitate to visit our website.

Tips for Applying Top Dressing

  • Apply top dressing in the early autumn.
  • If your soil is heavy and compacted, you should aerate the yard before applying top dressing. Special tools are available to do this.
  • Working in an area of a few square feet at a time, place one or two shovelfuls of dressing on the lawn. Spread it out evenly with the back of a heavy garden rake or similar tool. (A special tool called a lute is available for this work.) Then comb the top dressing into the grass with the tine side of the rake. Work it down well. Don't leave your grass covered with it. If you happen to put on more dressing than you can work in, remove it and use it on another spot in the yard. Continue in this manner until the entire area is treated.
  • Water. After a few days, you may want to go over the area with a rake again to smooth out any lumps. Keep the area watered regularly and soon the grass will begin to grow lush and green.

We Deliver Topsoil Lytham & Beyond

As leading suppliers of topsoil Lytham and beyond, we are sure to stock the perfect topsoil for sale for you, whether you be after screened topsoil Lytham wide or border soil in St Annes. Understandably, some people may struggle finding a reliable company who can supply the cheapest yet highest quality of topsoil for sale. Luckily for you, our delivery service ensures that we are the leading suppliers of topsoil in Lytham, St Annes, Altrincham, Wilmslow and beyond across the whole of Lancashire.

For more information regarding our topsoil for sale or if you're interested in the delivery of our topsoil Lytham wide to areas such as Wilmslow, St Annes, Altrincham and beyond, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Greenvale today.

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