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Turf and Topsoil suppliers Warrington

Are you interested in giving your garden a new look? Here at Greenvale, we have a huge range of garden products to help improve your garden's image. Established for over twenty years, we have been providing turf delivery in Warrington and supplying people with garden products since 1990. We take immense pride in our products, and ensure that all of our products are of the best quality. Our turf is of the highest standard; weed-free and slow growing, it retains its colour all year round to provide your garden with a beautiful splash of colour. Turf provides a smooth surface on which to enjoy a number of leisure activities, making it ideal for golf courses, football pitches and bowling greens.

Free turf delivery in Warrington and across the UK…

To ensure that your turf gets off to a good start, we recommend using either pre-turf fertiliser or our pre-turfing soil. Pre-turfing soil provides a smooth, even layer for the turf to lie on and contains all the nutrients it needs. Our top soil is perfect for borders – consisting of organic peat-free compost, our top soil instantly makes your garden look professional and provides plants with all the nutrients they need. Strong enough to retain an excellent pH balance yet gentle enough to nurture even the most delicate of plants, top soil is a must have for the passionate gardener. We also provide decorative gravel and bark, which offer a stylish alternative to soil. We source our decorative gravel from one of the UK's top suppliers, guaranteeing high quality products. Available in a variety of colours, gravel is a fantastic way to add character to your garden and complements any surroundings. Decorative slate is another option to add a modern touch to your outdoor area.

Decorate your outdoor area with our selection of bark, gravel and top soil

Ornamental bark is perfect for borders; retaining moisture in the soil and inhibiting weed growth provides plants with a nutritious environment in which to flourish. We also stock play bark which is specifically designed for recreational and play areas. Here at Greenvale, we also offer firewood and coal for various purposes in addition to sand, rock salt and aggregates. Our extensive variety of stock means that you are sure to find whatever you are looking for, whether it's for decorating your garden or laying foundations for a path or building extension.Have a browse around our site and feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have. With free turf delivery in Warrington, there's never been a better time to get started!