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Rock Salt

White Rock Salt Tonne Bag

White Rock Salt Tonne Bag

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The medial weight of our white rock salt supplies are 1 tonne bags, or 1000kg bags if you like. Opting for our 1 tonne bags of white rock salt would be perfect for areas such as street paths or roads. Just like all other products, we offer a quick and easy delivery of our white rock salt tonne bags around the North West on pallets which make transportation of even the heaviest of products uncomplicated. Our supplies of white rock salt are capable of fighting even the iciest of surfaces, so preparing for the winter ahead has never been easier. Benefit from our white rock salt tonne bags today.
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We Now Supply White Rock Salt For Sale in Burnley & Across Lancashire

In addition to selling gardening and construction products, Greenvale sells products aimed at improving safety across Lancashire, such as our white rock salt tonne bags for sale in Blackpool. Coarse White road salt for sale is one of our safety related products and it is primarily used for managing icy roads. This mineral is ideal to help prevent vehicles and pedestrians from slipping on icy surfaces. We supply our grit salt in tonne bags, large bags and even bulk buy. 

What is White Rock Salt?

White rock salt is known as halite—the mineral form of sodium chloride. It occurs with other deposit minerals such as some of the halides, sulfates, and borates. Our supplies of white rock salt tonne bags are mined from the ground and then processed to remove most or all of the other minerals, leaving a primarily sodium chloride product which is coarsely ground to make it appropriate for industrial use.

Salt has been used throughout much of human history as both a flavour enhancer for food and as a food preservative. Because of difficultly of mining salt before the advent of modern machinery it was once highly valued and used for trade. Roman soldiers were once paid with salt.

Today, salt of all types including our supplies of grit salt tonne bags for sale in Blackpool, Warrington and across Lancashire has a wide variety of uses. A refined form of rock salt is used for food, primarily in ice cream making. Salt is used for a wide variety of industrial uses such as making various chemicals, stabilizing the ground for road foundations, setting the dye in textiles and more. Most White Rock Salt for sale is used for road de-icing.

Because brine ( a mixture of water and salt) has a lower freezing point than water alone, salt or brine can be used to melt ice that is near 0° C, an effect known as the freezing-point depression. Rock Salt is used to melt ice on roads and pathways and to prevent ice from forming.

This is a common safety measure during the winter and most of the Rock Salt sold by Greenvale is used for this purpose. White Rock Salt for sale can be mixed with Grit Sand or fine gravels to provide more traction in addition to its ice melting properties; Greenvale’s Brown Gritting Salt is a pre-mixed preparation of White Rock Salt and Gritting Salt.

Both municipalities and individuals buy White Rock Salt for sale to use for de-icing purposes.

Grit Salt Tonne Bags 

As well as white rock salt for sale in tonne bags (1000 KG), we supply and deliver grit salt tonne bags for sale to Blackpool and across the regionin large bags (25 KG), and bulk. It is also available in multiple packs of large bags: 10, 20, 40 bags to the pack for convenient use around homes and small businesses.

For more information regarding our supplies of white rock salt tonne bags or if you're interested in the delivery of our grit salt tonne bags for sale in Blackpool or anywhere else within the region, contact Greenvale, the leading suppliers of road salt for sale online today. 

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    White Rock
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    Tonne Bag
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