Weed Control Fabric

£25.00£50.00 inc. VAT

Size: 1m x 10m/4.5m x 11m

Coverage: Single roll covers 10m2 (1m x 10m) or 49.5m² (4.5m x 11m)

Consists of: Geotextile weed control membrane.

Usage: Will supress weeds when laid under paths, driveways, decking, beds, borders, patios, greenhouse bases, shed bases and more.

Weed Control Fabric £25.00£50.00 inc. VAT

Landscape fabric can help you wrest back control of your garden from the weeds. Made from heavy duty geotextile membrane, when laid over a prepared sub-base our weed control fabric will allow you to cover the area with aggregate or decorative bark and prevents light from reaching the growing medium underneath. Starved of UV light, grass and weeds are unable to establish, but weed control membrane still allows water and nutrients from reaching roots of your plants. Even where weeds do manage to find a way, they’ll be few and far between, and much easier to remove as their roots haven’t been able to penetrate the weed suppressing membrane. This makes garden maintenance much less time consuming, allowing you to spend more time enjoy your outside space and less time tending to your flowerbeds and borders.

Other uses for weed control membrane include covering plants during the colder months as an alternative to fleece or mulch, and using it to cover areas of lawn that you wish to reclaim for beds or borders. Once the lawn grass has died back you can prepare the soil for planting, using the very same landscape fabric to supress weed growth in your new flowerbeds. Landscape fabric can also be used to prevent the growth of weeds underneath paths, driveways, decking or anywhere else you’re laying decorative stone or aggregate that you’d like to keep free of unsightly weeds.

Key features

  • Heavy duty and resistant to puncture with garden tools.
  • Prevents UV light from reaching the soil so weeds struggle to establish.
  • Permeable material that allows water and nutrients to reach your plants.
  • Use under paths, driveways, decking, beds, borders, patios, greenhouse bases, shed bases and more.
  • Versatile and can be used as a mulch or fleece alternative to protect plants during the colder months.
  • Reduces the need to use chemicals as a long-term solution to supress weeds.
  • Easily cut slits for plants with a sharp blade or use gardening scissors to cut the fabric to size.
  • Hold in place with securing pegs prior to applying decorative bark or aggregate covering.

Additional information

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