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8 Ways to Transform Your Garden With Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are a popular alternative to hard landscaping materials such as stone, brick or concrete, and offer near-endless possibilities to the keen DIYer looking to transform their outdoor space. Functional and cost-effective, treated softwood or hardwood timber sleepers are extremely durable and will last many years if installed following best practices. Garden sleepers are […]

Why We Don’t Do Black Friday

In a retail landscape dominated by annual sales events, here at Greenvale Products Ltd we take a different approach. While many businesses embrace the Black Friday frenzy, we pride ourselves in our commitment to transparent and consistent pricing throughout the year. Here’s why we choose not to participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, […]

Creative Ways to Use Slate Chippings in Your Garden

If you’re hoping to transform or improve your outdoor spaces, you’ll know how important it is to make informed choices about the landscaping materials you use. One option that stands out for its aesthetic quality and all-round versatility is slate. Slate chippings are small, flat pieces of natural stone slate that have been split into […]

What is Composting?

Composting is the recycling of food waste and organic matter into compost – a nutrient-rich, organic fertiliser. Often called “black gold” by farmers, compost has the power to transform your garden or vegetable plot by encouraging vigorous growth and improving the health and structure of soil. Other benefits of home composting include reducing your greenhouse […]

How to Lay Turf – Our Expert Guide

Garden envy begins with luscious green grass that can only be obtained by laying turf correctly, and we can show you how. Taking on a big DIY project like laying a new lawn may seem a little daunting, but by breaking it down into easy to follow steps it will seem more manageable. Before you […]

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