White Rock Salt

£150.00£230.00 inc. VAT

Greenvale’s white de-icing salt is ideal for melting slippery ice and snow and preventing it from forming on car parks, driveways, footpaths and steps. White de-icing salt doesn’t contain Keuper Marl and has a higher sodium content, which means it’s just effective at melting ice but won’t soil your carpets and other floor surfaces when walked into buildings. Often used on domestic driveways, office car parks and outside shopping centres.

Available in pallets of 25kg bags, in 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bags and 10+ tonne loose loads.

White Rock Salt £150.00£230.00 inc. VAT

Our white de-icing salt is a marine salt that forms in salt evaporation ponds in places such as Sardinia, Egypt and Spain, where the climate is sufficiently warm to produce high quantities of salt. As it’s not a mined product it’s almost entirely composed of sodium chloride and doesn’t contain Keuper Marl, the brown, gritty material that turns snow into a brown sludge that then gets walked into buildings. White rock salt is just as effective as the brown grit that’s used on the UK’s road network but it’s a little more expensive due to having to be imported into the country. That can also make it more difficult to source during the winter months, but if you want to keep indoor floor surfaces clean of grit salt then it’s the only choice. Often used outside schools, shopping centres and office buildings, as well on domestic driveways and footpaths, white de-icing salt is also easier to spread than brown grit due to its finer consistency. Available in 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bags or pallets of 25kg bags.

How to use de-icing salt

Spread approximately 10-15 grams of white de-icing salt per square metre to melt existing ice and prevent it forming. If snow is expected to fall it’s recommended that you increase that to around 20-30 grams per square meter.

Need large volumes of marine salt?

We can supply our white de-icing salt loose via tipper truck or in 1 tonne bulk bags, delivered right where you need them by a skilled operator using a HIAB-equipped vehicle.

If you require loose load delivery please call 01282 839704 and speak to our helpful team.

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White rock salt

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