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Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag

Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag | Blue Chippings | Garden Chippings
Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag | Blue Chippings | Garden Chippings
Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag | Blue Chippings | Garden Chippings
Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag | Blue Chippings | Garden Chippings
Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag | Blue Chippings | Garden Chippings

Blue Slate 40mm 25kg Bag

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Blue Slate

Blue slate is a durable, versatile landscaping material. The distinctive look of blue slate is fast making it a favorite with professional landscape designers, as well as with do-it-yourselfers. If you require blue slate Wigan wide from Blackburn to Burnley, don't hesitate to visit our website where we offer a fantastic delivery service.

Uses of Blue Slate

Distinctive blue slate Wigan wide makes attractive garden paths which are easy to construct and last for years with little maintenance. This natural rock with a reddish cast is at home in any garden setting from a cozy cottage in the Burnley countryside to the patio of a sophisticated Blackburn flat to the front yard of a home in the American Southwest. It looks elegant in Japanese rock gardens as well.

The flat surface of landscaping slate makes it easier to walk on than decorative gravel. Decorative gravel walkways frequently have to be renewed after heavy rains, but slate walkways are more permanent. Slate’s flatter surface and durability make it an excellent, economical choice for driveways.

Landscape slate is also a perfect mulch. It is available in several natural colors which will harmonize well with your plants. Use it in the rose garden, the azalea bed, or under trees and shrubs. Blue chippings are absolutely delightful when used in a cactus bed.

Unlike wood mulches, slate lasts for several seasons. It is clean and almost impervious to the weather.

Benefits of Blue Slate

Landscapers have fallen in love with slate for more than its sophisticated looks. Landscaping slate is an environmentally friendly, sustainable material. The slate used for landscaping is a by product of slate roofing manufacturing and is officially considered a recycled material.

Slate is chemically inert, which means it can be safely used around any type of plant, without altering the soil’s pH. It can be placed directly on the soil around your plants, although many gardening experts recommend linings to prevent any weeds from popping through.

Slate’s chemical inertness makes it ideal for use around swimming pools and stock ponds. Blue slate lends a striking contrasting touch around a sparkling swimming pool.


Tips on Using blue Slate in Landscaping

Proper preparation is the key to beautiful landscaping. Before spreading slate chips in place, level the site. To make extra sure no weeds can appear, you may want place landscape burlap or plastic mesh down as a lining before layering the slate mulch on top. Plastic mesh is more permanent, but many gardeners prefer natural burlap which eventually deteriorates and adds nutrients to the soil.

You can’t go wrong by choosing slate landscaping mulch. We supply blue slate Wigan wide which will make your landscaping superb for many years. Blue slate is available in 1 tonne bags, 25 kg bags, and in bulk.

Decorative Gravel Wigan

As well as supplying a fantastic range of decorative slate including Blue slate, we also stock and supply a fantastic range of decorative gravel across Wigan and beyond. For all your decorative gravel needs, don't hesitate to visit our Burnley site or alternatively visit our website where we offer an outstanding delivery service from Wigan to Blackburn and further afar. 

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