New Brown Tanalised (Pressure Treated) Garden Sleepers

£23.40 inc. VAT

Our 2.4m brown wooden sleepers have undergone tanalisation, a process that involves impregnating the sleepers with wood preserver whilst under pressure to prevent rot and decay. Suited to use in domestic gardens and commercial projects, our customers often use them to build raised flower beds, vegetable planters and even as small retaining walls.


New Brown Tanalised (Pressure Treated) Garden Sleepers £23.40 inc. VAT

Our brown garden sleepers are crafted from high-quality softwood and undergo tanalisation, a process that involves the application of TANALITH® E wood preserver under pressure, protecting the wood from rot, damp and decay for many years. Despite being a chemical treatment, tanalisation is completely safe for both children and pets, unlike creosote commonly used on reclaimed garden railway sleepers.

Wooden sleepers 2.4 m

Our new timber sleepers are 2.4m/2400mm long, and are uniform in size and condition, making them easy to install, and their tidy edges provide a cleaner finish. Where customers prefer a more rustic aesthetic whilst avoiding creosote impregnated wood, they will often refinish the sleepers themselves to add character.

Where to use garden railway sleepers

Our garden sleepers are a versatile product, ideal for raised beds, flower beds, and retaining walls, making them the perfect choice for domestic and commercial use. They’re safe to use in kitchen gardens and allotments where edible vegetables will be grown as the chemical treatment does not leach into the soil.

The sleepers will be delivered in a light brown finish due to the application of a small amount of brown dye during tanalisation, before developing an attractive silver-grey appearance following exposure to the elements, a process that will typically take 3-6 months depending on the weather.

Cheap garden sleepers for sale

At only £19.50 (ex. VAT) our garden railway sleepers are the most affordable option in the local area and are tanalised to a higher standard compared to similar products supplied by competitors. We will deliver them via grab truck, allowing us to place them right where you need them, depending on access and site conditions when we arrive.

Key features

  • 2400mm (L) x 200m (W) x 100m (H) +/- 10mm
  • Light brown colour that will weather to silver-grey.
  • Pressure treated (tanalised) for extended life.
  • Both child and pet friendly, unlike creosote-impregnated reclaimed garden railway sleepers.
  • Can be used in both domestic and commercial settings.
  • Available for only £19.50 (ex. VAT) each.
  • Sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding delivery.

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