Ornamental Bark Chippings Bulk Bag (750ltr)

From £71.25 inc. VAT

Quantity: 750ltr bulk bag.

Covers: Our 750ltr cube bag of decorative bark chippings will normally cover 12m2 (12m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: conifer bark chippings.

Usage: Ornamental bark chippings can transform your garden into an easy to maintain, rustic woodland environment by providing lasting ground cover and mulch for your planting. Suitable for all outdoor areas, commercial or domestic.

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Ornamental Bark Chippings Bulk Bag (750ltr) From £71.25 inc. VAT

Our long-lasting ornamental bark chippings offer the perfect way to smarten up your garden and other outdoor areas, either domestic or commercial. They also slow the growth of weeds as the individual chippings overlap and prevent UV light from reaching the growing medium below, while still letting water reach plant routes and even improving drainage in your beds and borders. When used in conjunction with weed control fabric there’s very little opportunity for weeds to establish, which allows you to focus on the gardening tasks you enjoy instead of suffer the back-breaking monotony of pulling unsightly weeds! These decorative bark chippings can also act as mulch, protecting the plant roots from harsh weather conditions by providing insulation and also reducing the pooling of water that might otherwise rot the base of your plants. Ornamental bark is also useful in the summer months as it slows the evaporation of water from the soil’s surface, allowing the growing medium to retain moisture and reducing the need for frequent watering.

High quality garden bark chippings can last as long as 10 years with just the occasional top-up, ensuring that your garden or commercial landscaping retains its sleek and tidy finish. We also offer bulk discounts on our cube bags of decorative bark chippings, making this material a cost-effective solution for covering large areas such as landscaped areas at business parks, pub beer gardens, hotel grounds and more.

Key features

  • Decorative garden bark provides excellent ground cover to borders and flowerbeds.
  • Conifer bark has a lovely alpine fragrance and provides a tidy, rustic finish.
  • Suppressed weeds without the need to use chemical weed killer, reducing the maintenance burden of your outdoor areas.
  • Is often used to create natural-looking paths.
  • Free-draining in winter yet improves soil water retention in the warmer summer months.
  • Not just decorative – bark chippings can be used as mulch to protect plant roots from harsh weather.
  • Bulk bag will cover large areas and bulk discounts are available.
  • Low maintenance and won’t need replacing for up to 10 years.
  • Offers a warm, earthy contrast to flowers and planting.
  • Completely organic and adds nutrients to soil as the bark slowly breaks down.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Bag size

750ltr bulk bag

Please note: Many of the products we sell are natural materials and as such, our photographs are intended for illustrative purposes only, with variations in shape, size and colour possible.

5 reviews for Ornamental Bark Chippings Bulk Bag (750ltr)

  1. Helen Danson

    Location: Clitheroe

    Love the chunky bark. Looks great

  2. John Phillips

    Location: Chorley

    First class bark nice and fresh , great delivery, easy to order , driver was spot on .
    Will use again

  3. Anthony Scott

    Location: Cliviger

    Fantastic Service and quality of product . Order a large bad of compost and bark at 4.16 am – they were delivered same day before 11.00 am ! Both items ate really good quality 👌

  4. Tom Harrison

    Location: Burnley

    Great service and delivery. Prices aren’t bad either.

  5. Stephen Marron

    Location: Ramsbottom

    Good quality product. Really good for ground coverage in the garden. Easy to order, straightforward delivery. Would recommend.

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