Peat Free Compost Bulk Bag (750ltr)

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Quantity: 750ltr bulk bag.

Covers: A 750ltr cube bag of peat free compost will normally cover 10m2 (10m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: Peat free compost (pH 6.5-7.5).

Usage: Our peat free compost can help you improve poor quality soil around the garden, including in beds and borders. It’s also ideal for mulching, can be introduced to soil when planting shrubs and trees, and is often used on vegetable plots.

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Peat Free Compost Bulk Bag (750ltr) From £66.50 inc. VAT

Our compost is peat free, which offers more nutrients than peaty compost and releases them slowly, encouraging plant growth over a lengthier period of time without requiring you to supplement the growing medium. Peat free compost is also effective in maintaining neutral pH – the ideal soil conditions for most plants – and has superior drainage and moisture retention properties, ensuring that your garden can thrive even during the hottest months of the year. While already offering excellent drainage, if you have waterlogged areas in your garden or other outdoor space, adding some grit sand or sharp sand to the compost mix will allow the growing medium to drain freely, preventing pooling and puddling. This is essential to ensure that the roots of plants don’t rot during wet weather, and a well-balanced compost and sand mixture will offer the perfect compromise between moisture retention and drainage.

While peaty composts are usually only recommended for use with certain species of plants, our peat free compost is a great all-rounder, ideal for use around the garden and any outdoor space. It can also be used as a mulch to protect plant roots from harsh weather conditions, preventing them from being damaged by frost, and makes for the perfect nutrient-rich potting mix when equal parts compost and garden soil are combined.

In addition to the many qualities offered by peat free compost, it’s a natural, eco-friendly product due to its production not relying on the removal of peat bogs, which can result in damage to wildlife habitats. So you can have our compost delivered and feel reassured you’re helping the environment while breathing new life into your own garden.

Our peat free compost bulk bags cover approximately 10m2 at 5cm deep.

Key features

  • Nutrient-rich, perfect for encouraging vigorous plant growth.
  • Improves water retention in the hotter months, releasing moisture to plants slowly and reducing the need to water.
  • Great all-rounder and extremely versatile: add to existing soil, create nutrient-rich potting mixes or use as mulch to protect plants.
  • Eco-friendly option compared to peaty composts that can result in habitat destruction.
  • Bulk bag (750ltr cube bag) covers 10m2 area at 5cm deep.
  • pH neutral (6.5-7.5) which suits most plant types.
  • Excellent drainage properties particularly when mixed with sharp sand or grit.
  • Mixing our peat free compost with your existing soil will improve soil structure and help your garden thrive.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Bag size

750ltr bulk bag

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4 reviews for Peat Free Compost Bulk Bag (750ltr)

  1. Gill Kendall

    Location: Burnley

    Thank you so much for the excellent service as ever!
    Delighted with my compost and garden looking great

  2. Robin Milligan, Paradigm Precision

    Location: Hapton

    Great quality compost, great price and fast delivery

  3. Stephen Marron

    Location: Ramsbottom

    Great quality. Used to fill raised borders in the garden. Easy ordering, straightforward delivery.

  4. Lyndsay Vause

    Location: Blackburn

    I buy their peat free compost every year (plus occasional topsoil and aggregates) and always please with the quality of the product and the delivery service. The delivery to my house is not straightforward and the driver is always helpful and good natured 🙂

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