Pipe Bedding Gravel 4-10mm Bulk Bag

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Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Covers: A tonne bag of 4mm – 10mm pea gravel will normally cover 11m2 (11m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: Pea gravel sized 4mm – 10mm.

Usage: 4-10mm pea gravel is intended to be used as pipe bedding but can also be used as void filler or backfill, and due to its excellent drainage properties is suitable for use on driveways and footpaths. When mixed with concrete it creates a hardwearing exposed aggregate.


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Pipe Bedding Gravel 4-10mm Bulk Bag From £63.65 inc. VAT

Pea gravel is material of choice for backfill, where it’s used to fill the void in a pipe bedding trench. Sometimes referred to as concrete pipe bedding, this product consists of well-draining pea gravel that’s 4mm – 10mm in size. Our pea gravel can also be used for concreting surfaces, including driveways and paths, as it provides a hardwearing exposed aggregate. Perfect for any hard landscaping project that requires excellent drainage.

Key features

  • Drainage pea gravel suited to use as backfill in pipe bedding trenches, amongst various other uses.
  • Add to concrete to create a hardwearing exposed aggregate finish.
  • Can be used in general landscaping projects in commercial and domestic contexts, providing weed suppression and excellent drainage.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Aggregate type

Pea gravel

Bag size

1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag



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