MOT Type 1 Hardcore Sub-Base Bulk Bag

From £52.25 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Covers: A tonne bag of MOT type 1 sub-base will normally cover 10m2 (10m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: Crushed brick, rock and concrete; a mix of hard stone, coarse sand, limestone gravel, granite and gritstone.

Usage: An affordable aggregate used for preparing a level, stable sub-base before laying a new road surface, driveway, path, patio or artificial lawn.


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MOT Type 1 Hardcore Sub-Base Bulk Bag From £52.25 inc. VAT

MOT type 1 hardcore consists of crushed brick, rock and concrete. It also contains coarse sand, as well as gritstone, granite and limestone. This makes it an ideal low-void filling material perfectly suited to preparing a free-draining, stable sub-base for construction, hard landscaping projects and road surfaces. MOT 1 hardcore is able to withstand heavy traffic as it’s a robust product that offers a stable structure and a flat surface. It also provides excellent drainage due to the size of the aggregate and the shape of the individual rocks, preventing the pooling of water on the surface and making MOT stone ideally suited to use as a sub-base underneath an artificial lawn. Can also be used a void filling material more generally.

Our bulk bag of MOT stone will typically cover about 15m2 (15m x 1m) at a depth of around 5cm.

Key features

  • Sub-base consisting pre-dominantly from crushed concrete.
  • Also consists of hard stone, coarse sand and other material such as gritstone, granite and limestone.
  • Provides a stable foundation for driveways, paths, patios, roads and building footings.
  • MOT type 1 hardcore assists drainage when used under an artificial lawn – perfect for homes with a pet or that have heavy soil.
  • Can handle heavy loads due to stable structure of material.
  • Affordable tonne bags with bulk discounts are ideal to cover large area.
  • Can be used to fill voids or as backfill.
  • Can provide an even surface when compacted with a whacker plate.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Aggregate type

MOT type 1 hardcore

Bag size

1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag



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