Border Soil Bulk Bag

From £71.25 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Covers: A tonne bag of border soil will normally cover 13m2 (13m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: 60% organic compost, 40% sandy soil.

Usage: Our border soil is a high quality blend of screened sandy topsoil and peat-free compost, the perfect growing medium for the majority of plants and vegetables.

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5 - 9£73.13
Border Soil Bulk Bag From £71.25 inc. VAT

Our topsoil for borders is a fine, friable blend of 40% sandy soil and 60% organic compost. This high quality mix offers excellent water drainage, preventing the pooling and puddling that encourages disease and rots plant roots. Free-draining soil also lessens the risk of surface run-off, reduces soil erosion and helps prevent plant roots from being exposed to the elements. However, the added peat-free compost does allow our beds and borders topsoil to retain sufficient water to support plant vigorous growth, and when added to existing soil can help neutralise pH levels. Flowerbeds, borders and vegetable patches will typically thrive in these conditions, so this is an ideal medium to add to existing soil that would benefit from improvement to its structure and the addition of nutrient-rich organic matter.

Top tip: Always remember to lay a weed membrane prior to adding border soil, as this will be effective in preventing UV light from reaching the growing medium and will suppress the growth of weeds.

Key features:

  • Optimal mix of 60% organic compost and 40% sandy soil.
  • Neutralises pH levels of existing soil to help with absorption of vital nutrients.
  • Our beds and borders topsoil has excellent water drainage properties.
  • Perfect for use across a whole range of gardening projects.
  • Ideal for beds, borders, vegetable patches and even pots.
  • Reduces soil erosion and the risk of disease spreading to your plants.
  • Retain water to help promote healthy growth.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Soil type

Border soil

Bag size

1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag



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20 reviews for Border Soil Bulk Bag

  1. Tracy Townsend

    Location: Padiham

    Fantastic soil, really pleased with the quality and also delivery

  2. Susan Pentz

    Location: Langho

    Excellent for our tubs, extremely good soil! Nothing to dislike at all.


    Location: Colne

    Excellent delivery and quality top soil

  4. Phil Walker

    Location: Hurst Green

    Quality product

  5. Andrew

    Location: Whalley

    Top quality border soil and compost mix. Good advice on the soil; I explained what I needed which was half compost and half soil, they offered to premix it. The quality is excellent, as is the price, delivery was fast (next day), I needed extra and they delivered an extra 2 tonnes about 3 hours later the same day!

  6. Mandy

    Location: Colne

    Excellent highly recommended. Perfect service, very quick delivery and friendly staff who are so helpful and cannot do enough to help

  7. Lynn Greenwood

    Location: Burnley

    Great service from this company and excellent quality topsoil.

  8. John Thompson

    Location: burnley

    Just the job.

  9. Anna Grajner

    Location: Heywood

    OMG delivery supposed to be between 3-5 days. Came second day after order was place. Other companies always at least 1week waiting time. What a surprise, not only before time,also the way how bags was unloaded on my driveway spot on,exactly where we wanted . Last think quality of the soil 5*.No stones or glasses. We use to order organic soil from other company but quality was not as good as yours and price was double. Thank you very much for quality product with great price.We did order again and the same smashed πŸ‘ 😊. Very happy customer

  10. Peter

    Location: Accrington

    Good quality soil and excellent delivery. No problems

  11. John L

    Location: Barnoldswick

    Excellent quality and great delivery.

  12. Phil Walker

    Location: Clitheroe

    Excellent product

  13. David Horsfield

    Location: Colne

    Greenvale supplied us with top soil and turf over an 18 month period whilst we were totally renovating our garden, everything was supplied on time, quality of product was excellent and delivery drivers were always helpful.

  14. Mark Williams

    Location: Milnrow

    Great quality top soil. Ordered on a Saturday delivered on Tuesday.

  15. Salvatore

    Location: Burnley

    Great quality soil

  16. Bill atkins

    Location: Brierfield

    Great soil and delivered on timeπŸ‘

  17. Tracy pryde

    Location: Blackburn

    I ordered 2 tonne bags of top soil to fill a couple of raised beds in the garden. Looks good quality, 60% compost. Ideal for growing veg or any othe plants. It was reasonably priced, and quick delivery. The driver was professional and polite. I would recommend this company.

  18. Jacqueline Lilley

    Location: Brierfield

    Good service. Delivered promptly to where I requested. Helpful driver.

  19. Sean Dooley

    Location: Padiham

    The delivery was in good time and the soil is exactly what I want it for. Excellent tilth for the beds

  20. Allison

    Location: Rochdale

    This is nice soil and has very few stones or woody bits that can be a problem with other soils I’ve bought from elsewhere. I dug it into my flowerbeds this spring and my garden is genuinely thriving now despite strange weather earlier in the year.

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