Screened Topsoil (10 Tonne Min. Bulk Order)

Quantity: 10 tonne minimum bulk order.

Covers: A tonne bag of screened topsoil will typically cover 13m2 (13m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: Our screened topsoil is a grade 2 gritty soil screened to 12mm.

Usage: Perfect for filling in or using as a sub-base for high quality growing mediums, such as our border soil or compost.

Greenvale’s screened topsoil has been passed through a screen to remove larger stones, plant roots, weeds and other debris. Some smaller stones and other gritty content is retained however, as this helps ensure the product drains freely and has sufficient aeration to encourage vigorous plant growth. Our screened topsoil is an inexpensive, extremely versatile sifted dirt that is an effective filling material or sub-base for higher quality growing mediums in flowerbeds and borders. If you intend to use our screened top soil as a growing medium in its own right, the addition of nutrient rich organic matter would be necessary and bear in mind that some debris will be present that may not be suitable for certain types of plants or root vegetables. It’s ideally suited to use as a sub-base in general landscaping contexts in both domestic and commercial settings, however, and is the perfect levelling material where dips and hollows need to be filled.

Cheap screened topsoil is also suitable for use as an affordable sub-base for laying turf but as with you beds and borders, the introduction of nutrient-rich organic matter or pre-turfing conditioner would be advised in order to give your lawn the best possible start in life. We also offer pre-turfing soil, which provides the perfect blend of compost, sand and pre-turfing conditioner and is designed specifically for use as a sub-base for new lawns.

Key features:

  • Screened to 12mm to ensure larger stones, sticks, weeds and various other larger sized debris has been removed.
  • Use as an affordable sub-base for borders and flowerbeds.
  • May be used prior to laying turf with introduction of nutrients, but won’t be as effective as ourpre-turfing soil.
  • Contains gritty content and some smaller stones as this improves drainage – ideal for gardens that suffer from waterlogging during the wetter months of the year.
  • Inexpensive levelling material that can be used to fill hollows and dips.
  • 10 tonne minimum bulk order, delivered loose.

Additional information

Soil type

Screened topsoil

Bag size

10 tonne minimum loose load



Please note: Many of the products we sell are natural materials and as such, our photographs are intended for illustrative purposes only, with variations in shape, size and colour possible.


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