Emerald Turf

£3.20 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1 Emerald Turf roll.

Covers: 1m2 roll covers approx. 8′ x 16″.

Contains: 25% perennial ryegrass, 20% smooth stalked meadow grass, 10% chewings fescue, 25% strong creeping red fescue and 20% slender creeping red fescue.

Usage: Emerald Turf is a versatile and hardwearing turf that consists of named cultivars that can withstand heavy footfall and recover well when damaged, without compromising on appearance.

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Emerald Turf £3.20 inc. VAT

Our Emerald Turf is a versatile turf that can be used in various domestic and commercial settings, including domestic lawns. An attractive deep green all year round if maintained correctly, this turf is as stunning as it is robust, and is able to recover well from heavy footfall. This makes it the ideal lawn turf for a growing or young family who intend to use the garden throughout the seasons, as the specially formulated blend of grass species ensures the grass can stand up to daily wear and tear. Recommended for domestic lawns, general landscaping and golf fairways, it can also tolerate the often wet and cold climate in Lancashire and the North West region. It’s also drought resistant, so able to maintain its emerald hue in all but the most extreme conditions as it’s not as thirsty as some other blends of grasses. Easy to maintain, this turf has no special requirements and like all other turfs, will benefit from aeration and periodic feeding to maintain its condition.

Make sure ground preparation is complete in advance so that you’re able to lay your lawn soon after receiving it. Even our freshly cut turf is perishable and in spring/summer, we would recommend rolling it out immediately. In autumn/winter we’d recommend laying your turf within 24 hours of receiving it.

Key features:

  • Hardwearing blend of perennial ryegrass, smooth stalked meadow grass, chewings fescue, strong creeping red fescue and slender creeping red fescue.
  • Will maintain its emerald colour throughout the season if maintained correctly.
  • Consists of hardy grass species that tolerate adverse conditions such as drought and frost.
  • Robust underfoot and recovers extremely well from damage due to overuse.
  • Stabilises soil due to the combination of creeping and non-creeping rhizomes.
  • Low maintenance – aerate and fertilise periodically to keep it looking at its best.
  • A locally grown turf that’s eco-friendly and sustainable.

Please contact us if you’re turfing an extensive area, as savings could be available.

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We also stock a range of premium quality topsoils, from pre-turfing and top dressing lawn soil to nutrient-rich border soil.

Not sure how to lay turf?

Our expert guide provides you with all the insight you’ll need to plan a new lawn, prepare the ground and lay your freshly delivered turf.

Lawn aftercare

Greenvale’s Emerald Turf is a hardwearing and robust lawn turf that requires very little maintenance, but in order to ensure that your freshly laid lawn is able to thrive there are a few things you’ll need to watch out for.


It’s important that your lawn gets plenty of water in the first few weeks after it’s been laid. During hot weather, water twice a day unless heavy rainfall is forecast. Weeks 2-4 only require you to water twice or three times a week unless the weather is hot and dry, and by week five or six you should need to water just once or twice a week. At this point you can gently lift a corner of turf and if you see white roots, you can feel reassured your lawn is establishing well.

Only water in the early morning or at evening, as otherwise you’ll find the sun causes the water to evaporate before it saturates the turf and soil sub-base below.

If you’ve laid your new lawn during the cooler spring and autumn months, your turf will only need watering once or perhaps twice a day in the first week or two. If the weather has been wet it may not need watering at all – it should be pretty obvious when a lawn is too dry, so trust your judgement when deciding how much water to put down.


During the warmer summer months you’ll probably need to get the mower out 1-2 weeks after your turf has been laid. Use the highest setting on the mower to make sure you don’t scalp the lawn, as this could prevent the lawn from properly establishing.


We’d advise preparing your lawn sub-base with pre-turfing soil as it contains a perfectly balanced fertiliser that will help your turf thrive in its new surroundings. An established lawn will then require feeding twice a year, once in spring with a nitrate-based fertiliser, and again in autumn with a potash and phosphate-based lawn feed. Apply evenly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid scorching your lawn.

Keep off the grass

The first few weeks after laying turf are the most important and during this period you’d be wise to keep off the lawn as much as possible.

Additional information

Dimensions 244 × 41 × 2 cm
Turf type


Please note: Many of the products we sell are natural materials and as such, our photographs are intended for illustrative purposes only, with variations in shape, size and colour possible.

8 reviews for Emerald Turf

  1. John Kelly

    Location: Abram, Wigan

    Freshly cut and nice and green. Nothing to dislike about this product, your delivery drive was polite and very helpful

  2. Steve Barclay

    Location: Stockport

    The grass was as advertised, but more impressed with the company and service, it was first class

  3. Mel Henley

    Location: Colne

    Great quality and freshness. Excellent customer care from delivery driver

  4. Lisa Tooth

    Location: Accrington

    I chose the emerald turf as it was the least expensive and it’s for our grandchildren to play on. It’s rich green, thick and has knitted in brilliant- makes me wonder what the quality of the higher priced one must be like !! Delighted with turf & customer service, would definitely recommend 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Alison Briggs

    Location: Barrow, Clitheroe

    Garden not complete but grass looking great

  6. Graham Wadeson

    Location: Rochdale

    Without notice of the delivery date I was unable to take time off work at short notice to lay the turf when it arrived on Wednesday. By Saturday, when I had time off many roll ends were dry despite watering and the grass dead. The resulting lawn is patchy. I just hope it will grow in. I was lucky that I over ordered because the bottom two layers on the pallet were crushed, dry and couldn’t be lifted without falling to pieces. In the end they were thrown away. I was disappointed because my earlier order of pre-turfing soil was very good. Please give advance warning of when delivering turf to allow people with jobs to arrange time off, or deliver closer to the weekend.

  7. Janet Rabani

    Location: Altham

    The order was processed quickly and efficiently. The turf was good quality.

  8. Nevil, Todmorden Cricket Club

    Location: Todmorden

    delivery was spot on, thick grass cover, good strong roots, all rolls held together well. everything good

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