Self Binding Gravel (Path Mix) 0-10mm Bulk Bag

From £95.00 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Coverage: A tonne bag of self binding gravel or path mix will normally cover 10m2 (10m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: 0mm – 10mm limestone dust and small stone chippings.

Usage: Suited to higher traffic footpaths and tracks due to self binding properties that ensure stable surface. An extremely versatile natural limestone aggregate that is quarried locally in North Yorkshire.


1 - 4£100.00
5 - 9£97.50
Self Binding Gravel (Path Mix) 0-10mm Bulk Bag From £95.00 inc. VAT

Whilst most of our decorative gravels consist of “clean” stone – i.e. clean chippings or pebbles with the fines washed away – our self-binding gravel has fines added to improve its compaction properties. This makes for a dusty aggregate when supplied but once it’s laid, the fine limestone particles and larger chippings knit tightly together to form a stable surface for high traffic areas. Less likely to scuff or cause mess, self binding gravel paths and tracks are durable and yet natural looking, perfect for domestic or commercial use – in fact we supply self binding gravel to many public spaces in the local area. Self binding gravel is also extremely low maintenance and tends to be more resistant to weeds than looser decorative gravels, with the weeds struggling to establish as seeds are unable to reach the growing medium below.

Not as hard as a resin or concrete surface, a self binding limestone path or track will nevertheless last many years with minimal maintenance, and can be resurfaced easily by simply scarifying the existing top layer before adding more material. As it’s not permanent it’s also possible to remove and even re-use elsewhere.

This is a limestone aggregate and therefore it is alkaline, making it unsafe to be used near aquatic life or as topping material.

Self binding gravel bulk bags contain a mix of limestone fines (dust) and small chippings up to 10mm in size.

Key features

  • Neutral grey to warm grey with a natural appearance suitable for use in a variety of scenarios.
  • Ideal for use on high traffic paths and tracks as the limestone fines improve compaction, increasing stability and reducing mess.
  • Low maintenance – resistant to scuffing and easy to repair or re-surface.
  • More resistant to weeds compared to traditional decorative gravels as weeds struggle to establish in the harder, more compact surface.
  • An alkaline product that should not be used near aquatic life and is unsuitable for use as a plant topper.
  • Quarried locally in Yorkshire.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Aggregate type

Self-binding limestone

Bag size

1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag



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