Staffordshire Pink Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

From £90.25 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Covers: A tonne bag of 20mm Staffordshire pink stone will normally cover 12m2 (12m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: 10mm – 20mm Staffordshire pink gravel.

Usage: Staffordshire pink gravel is a colourful mix pink, white and grey stones, and can be used to transform your driveway, garden paths, patio, flowerbeds, borders and anywhere else that would benefit from hard landscaping.

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Staffordshire Pink Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag From £90.25 inc. VAT

Greenvale’s Staffordshire pink gravel consists of a mix of round and angular quartzite stone in colourful pinks, creams and greys. This gravel is perfect for use on driveway surfaces as the larger aggregate size is less likely to get stuck in tyre treads and can withstand the weight of vehicles better than some other materials. Larger stones will also discourage neighbourhood cats from mistaking your gravel for their litter tray. Staffordshire pink stone makes for a hardwearing and sturdy surface underfoot due to the rounded and slightly angular stones being able to interlock, which also reduces maintenance as the aggregate won’t move around too much or create mess. A versatile material, it can be used to dress beds, borders and pots, allowing water to reach plant roots while preventing sunlight reaching the growing medium and therefore supressing the growth of weeds. It can be used even more effectively as a dressing material where weed control fabric is laid underneath, ensuring you can enjoy your low maintenance garden instead of spending all your waking hours uprooting weeds and unwanted grass. Staffordshire pink stone is pH neutral and once thoroughly washed to remove any dust or other contaminants it can be used as a substrate in ponds that aquatic life. The colour of the stones deepens when wet so this gravel can make a stunning addition to any water feature.

Our gravels are natural quarried products and therefore colour and size will vary, so please do ask for a sample if you need to match to an existing gravel. Size will normally range from 10mm to 20mm as the mechanical screen does allow the odd smaller stone to sneak through.

Key features

  • A stunning mix of colourful pinks, whites and greys.
  • Able to compliment all types of modern and traditional architecture.
  • A versatile product ideal for use as a dressing material on or around borders, flowerbeds, rockeries and water features.
  • Mixture of rounded and angular stones that can interlock, therefore forming a robust, level surface for driveways or garden path.
  • Offers security and peace of mind thanks to the noise that’s made when the aggregate is walked or driven upon.
  • Will prevent UV light from reaching the soil, suppressing weeds while improving aiding drainage and moisture retention.
  • Safe for fish and other aquatic life.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Please contact us if loose load delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Aggregate type

Staffordshire pink gravel

Bag size

1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag



Please note: Many of the products we sell are natural materials and as such, our photographs are intended for illustrative purposes only, with variations in shape, size and colour possible.

2 reviews for Staffordshire Pink Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

  1. David Walmsley

    Location: Burnley

    Very good pebbles exactly as described and competitively priced. The delivery man was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave good advice. I would highly recommend this company.

  2. Claire Bamber

    Location: Oldham

    Great service. Just what we needed

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